The Mission Mode Project towards

“ Landlessness” has been a key issue especially in a land dearth state like Kerala. One out of three city dweller lives in inadequate living space worldwide and Kerala is not an exception. The rural poor too have housing issues in Kerala due to the massive urbanization even at panchayaths. Giving secure titles in the form of pattayam is a formal recognition which will help this poor and the under privileged better access to legal and financial services to raise capital and to invest in a productive and sustainable manner. It is a well known fact that there are situations wherein the people who are not eligible for getting assignment of Government land get the land assigned in their favour and there are situations where the eligible people are being deprived the chance always. The identification of the landlessness has not been done scientifically ever in the history of Kerala.  Since the land resources are limited and it is obligatory on the part of the Government to have a correct assessment of the demand and supply of land, the Government is planning to introduce a Mission Mode Project [MMP] towards making the state a Zero Landless State by 2015.
  • The amended form will be approved and issued as a notification by Government by 31.01.2012
  • 3.50 lakh applications will be got printed from Government printing press on or before 25.02.2012 along with the Guidelines in the form of circular
  • The amended applications will reach all the collectorates by 29.02.2012 @ 200 / village
  • The distribution of the application through village offices will start  by 09.03.2012
  • The filled in applications can be received back till 18.06.2012 [100 days] at village offices.
  • The applications along with village officers’ verification reports sorted village wise should be handed over to the Co-ordinators of District IT Cells by 30.06.2012
  • The data entry in the already developed software will formally start by  01.07.2012
  • The data entry will be completed with the hired man power by 25.07.2012
  • Publication of the “Eligible landless families” in respective village offices, websites, Panchayath offices etc. to call for objections on 26.07.2012 for the next 15 days [15 days notice period]
  • Publication of final list after second round verification by Tahsildar & team by 15.08.2012 on the Independence day 
The major stake holders in the Government side should undertake the following duties and responsibilities for the successful completion of the Project as desired by the Government.
District Collector
  1. Distribute the application forms @ 200 applications per village through the Tahsildars concerned.
  2. Arrange a room for District IT Cell to accommodate 3 Desktops & UPSs, towards starting the data entry process.
  3. Engage 3 data entry operators for doing data entry on daily wage basis.
  4. Monitor & review the progress of the programme at weekly intervals with the Tahsildars.
  1. Arrange to distribute the application forms @ 200 application per village to the village officers
  2. Collect back the duly filled application forms from Village Officers along with the verification report, on weekly basis.
  3. Hand over these application forms along with the verification report to the District IT Cell on weekly basis.
  4. Monitor the distribution of applications on daily basis so as to re-allocate the applications from village offices with less demand to the village officers with more demand.
  5. Indent the approximate number of applications on 31.03.2012 so as to get the application printed afresh in order to complete the distribution process by 18.06.2012
Village officers
  1. Maintain an application distribution register in the following format.
  2. Sl. No.

    Name of the applicant


    Date of receipt of application

    Date of verification

    Date of submission to Tahasildar







  3. Collect Rs.5.00 per application in the head of account 0029/00/800/92/Other Receipts but do not collect any application fee from SC/ST applicants.
  4. Collect village level verification in the prescribed form and submit the completed forms to Tahsildars soon.
  5. Ensure highest level of integrity and perfection while preparing the verification report.
  6. The scrutiny of application with the Village Officers’ verification report should be done on day to day basis to complete the inspections by Mondays of the week
  7. Ensure that all the fields including the phone number of applicant in the application are properly filled up while receiving back the application form.
  8. Maintain a cordial atmosphere at the site of distribution/receipt of the application forms.

All the above mentioned responsibilities are to be perfectly carried out without any dereliction. 

  • First Round of assignment: Suggest the ways & means to tackle the issues of the occupant applicants through specialised legally tackling mechanisms to complete the process within next 6 months [on or before 15.02.2013]
  •  Second round of assignment: Trace out as much land as possible to include the same in the list of assignable lands. This special drive should be completed within next 6 months [on or before 15.08.2013]

[To take Government decisions and sometimes for introducing amendments in statues an elapsed time of total 6 months is anticipated after 15.02.2013 which might drag the programme till 15.02.2014. To the safer side we can plan that Kerala would be Zero Landless by 01.01.2015]

The total expenditure anticipated for the project is Rs.50.00 lakhs mainly on stationeries, logistics and hiring of manpower. No extra infrastructure will be created as part of this MMP including vehicles or buildings.
  • Commissioner of Land Revenue
  • Joint Commissioner of Land revenue
  • Assistant Commissioner [LA]
  • Nodal Officers & Co-ordinators of State IT Cell & District IT Cells of Revenue
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